Our Platform

We’ve worked hard, collaborating with peers to develop a campaign strategy with everyone’s opinions in mind.

Campus Unity

It’s no secret ACU struggles with unity. Social clubs, campus organizations, and departments all draw students into factions, creating a segmented culture and diminishing school spirit. SGA needs to work alongside various departments and institutions to foster unity and spirit under the ACU brand.

Minority Representation

SGA needs to continue its rigorous pursuit of supporting minority students and minority student organizations on campus. We need to better equip our student congress to more effectively represent minority groups, while also more intentionally reaching out to minority student leaders to better involve and connect them with SGA.

Enhance Student Life

We want to make ACU’s campus competitive with other top universities in every aspect, especially student life. In doing so, we want to attract top students from around the nation and develop a fun and exciting culture for campus life at ACU. We believe this starts with a better freshman experience.

Reform SGA

SGA needs to be more sustainable as an organization. Year after year, a new executive cabinet walks into a blank slate, reconstructing what was done previously instead of building on it. SGA needs to write policies and procedures that enable future cabinets to succeed. SGA also needs to become more relevant to students. SGA needs to work towards having a passionate and involved congress, which starts with creating an exceptional and exciting culture.

Increased Communication

Students want to see stronger communication on campus. Communication about campus events, communication about important issues and communication with the administration are all areas that could use improvement. SGA also needs to increase its effectiveness in this area, as well as create platforms for other institutions and organizations to do the same.

Internal Controls

SGA needs to tighten its internal controls as an organization. While we want to maintain a spirited and lighthearted culture within SGA, we also want to ensure that we are meeting the requirements set forth in our foundational documents. Previous cabinets have disregarded the importance of policies and procedures, and their significance in insuring a fair and democratic process.

  1. SGA needs to add a position in Congress to represent The Cabinet as it is a child organization to SGA after SAO was removed as a position.
  2. SGA should work more closely alongside the office of advancement to obtain funding for any large or costly projects.
  3. SGA should create and oversee more specialized organizations such as the former “Freshman Action Council” to better serve its constituents.
  4. SGA needs to create more platforms for the student body focused on the future development of ACU and create forums for students to give feedback on what is and isn’t working currently.

Our Ideas

We wanted to make sure that our campaign was more practical than political, which is why we outlined the following as tangible goals that you can expect to be accomplished while we are in office.

Freshman Tailgating

A major part of our platform is campus unity. We want to unite the freshman class during their first few months at ACU, and what better way to do that than to implement freshmen class tailgates.

Professional Development

We will work with advising and the Career Center to make it easier for students seeking to further their profession/education to receive excused absences for campus visits and job interviews.

Intern Housing Program

We want to work with faculty to implement intern housing in different cities as is the norm at other major universities. This gives students peace of mind while putting their attention where it belongs… on their work.

Student Government Coalition

We will work to join the Texas Student Government Coalition, expanding our connections with other universities such as Baylor, A&M, TCU, Texas Tech, Texas State and many more.

Mental Health Awareness

A topic not discussed openly enough on campus, we need to ensure we are being good stewards of our health and that our brothers and sisters are well. The mental health crisis is one that hits too close to home for our generation. We will work to ensure we have resources and staff actively discussing and raising awareness on campus for mental health.

Campus Dog Park

Building on the ideas of the previous SGA president Danny Burke, we would like to implement a dog park on campus and we have the connections to do it.

Extend Library Hours

Students need a place to study late at night. Currently, few dorms offer study areas for students and we all know how difficult it is to study with a roommate. We will work to extend library hours in a way that is practical for both students and administration.

Flexible Degree Plans

We want to work with advising to develop more flexible degree plans that fit your needs.

Chapel Reform

We will work more closely with the chapel office to see what policies are serving students and which ones are not.

Two-Ply Toilet Paper

It sounds like a joke, but if you’ve lived in a sophomore residence hall, you know the struggle is all too real.

About us

Rachel and I are passionate leaders who care deeply about ACU. We want to see every student thrive during their time here and we believe student government is the key to ensuring that happens. If you haven’t gotten a chance to meet us, please reach out to us on social media or find us around campus, we’d love to meet you!

Some of our involvements

Get in touch

This campaign is built on the ideas and values of the entire ACU community, not just one small segment. We want to hear from you and better understand your diverse needs. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like to see of us, of SGA and of your university.

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